Nindya Viani
3 min readMay 10, 2020


Our “Different” Ramadhan Vibes

We must accept that Covid-19 has changed the normalities of human life. This year, we meet unusual Ramadhan vibes because we have to stay at home in order to keep social and physical distancing. Yes, there’s no breakfasting with our friends, no suhoor on the road, no tarawih prayer at the mosque, or even some people can’t meet their family and do the fasting alone. In this kind of phenomenon, do we can still spreading happiness and kindness to people?

Of course, we can.

Life changes. World changes. And so do we, especially how do we communicate with others. But, thanks to the technology that solves the problem. Somehow, it’s a normal thing that human needs to adapt with the situation, anything happens. But, this is different. At this time, we don’t have enough preparation to face this big change in a very short time, and it’s too heavy for some people outside there who don’t have any money to fulfill their daily needs. Healthcare workers are just like angels, they sacrifice anything to save so many lives. Scientists work so hard to find the ideal vaccines. The government needs to set strategies on how to handle this quickly and correctly. Citizens, have to follow the instructions and give their best to support all of them. As well as other roles, they must be able to carry out their responsibilities.

Remember, criticism is certainly needed to make the policy better, but please, deliver it in a good manner. Sad to see the netizens nowadays, their bad manner make social media become toxic places. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with some unclear rules. But I’m not able to do something right now besides follow the instructions. As a new Civil Servant, I hope, me and my friends will be honest, responsible, and trustworthy officials so each of us can lead the local government or central government better one day later. Please, pray for us, pray for Indonesia, pray for this world.

Yes, all of us facing hardship. Not just human, but also animals, and any kind of creature. For all of you who still need to go to the workplace outside there, keep the spirit and keep your healthiness, may Allah will always bless us who never tired to fight.

Teamwork is the key to make this situation better. We have to act that we could act, in our way no matter what. If you have a lot of money, then donate to many platforms you believe, or give daily needs directly to the poor. If you are smart and genius, then create or analyze something that could help the problem solving of the Covid-19 case. If you have the bravery to be a “frontliner”, then be a volunteer or social workers. If you love to write, write something loving and caring, not hate. If you don’t have any idea to do anything nice, remember, you can just pray, read the Holy Qur’an, stop spread hate to anyone, and just stay at home. You’re beautiful in your way, even though it’s just a little thing. We have to fight together.

Believe, we’re gonna win. Keep this in your mind and your heart: spread love and happiness.

“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief” — (Al-Insyirah : 5)