When Negative is a Positive Vibes

Nindya Viani
5 min readJul 9, 2021

Finally, I called myself a Covid-19 Survivor! Alhamdulillah, I didn’t feel any severe symptoms and got so much extraordinary attention from kind-hearted people ❤

Sad, but I was grateful.

It was sad when I had to be apart even at home. When I should have helped with my parents’ housework, at that time I had to be fully served by my parents.
My heart talked, “why do I always depress my parent?”
Even though they’ve always said, “it’s okay, De”.
It hurt me.
And I cried.

Grateful to be given a short break when I reached the most exhausting phase. So far, I may have been blaming other people for not being empathetic to me and they were just thinking about their benefits until I was extremely tired, and then I realized that maybe it was also my fault for being too busy with dunyā, dunyā and dunyā. So, I considered this as a punishment as well as a gift, because I could spend more time with Allah.

And until right now, there are still those who don’t believe in Covid-19, some people take it easy so they ignore health protocols, some (pretend) don’t care about the safety of others for their own sake, some spread hate speech on social media, or even maybe there are so many bad people who take advantages from this pandemic, whether it is the corruption of social aid from the state/regional budget or business in health service management, wallahu a’lam bishawab, only Allah knows the truth.

My evil mind says,
Why don’t they or their families get this disease? Why must me?
Do they need to feel the loss before they can realize it?
Don’t want to pray for their sickness, but...
Do they love this world so much that they forget that everything will be judged in the hereafter?
Yes, it is not our right to judge others and let Allah’s punishment fall on time.

One thing that we have to know that some people’s faults cannot be standardized as the faults of all their peers. This kind of thought, can accelerate the spread of hoaxes and make people lose trust. Public servants are considered unaffected and even health workers are considered to be pursuing incentives until they are called lackeys of the World Health Organization. This hurts the hearts of those who have worked hard honestly and sincerely.

Government, society, now we all need each other. Please, bring in our worship, pray for the country’s leaders to take wise, firm, and appropriate policies for humanitarian reasons. Pray for the safety of our family and friends. Pray for us all to be protected during this pandemic. Pray for Indonesia to slowly free from the oppressors later. We are the same, we are all tired, exhausted, and angry. So don’t make things worse by spreading hate and/or hoaxes again on social media…

Don’t protest if you’re still happy to gather and take selfies without a mask and then share them on your social media.
“It just takes a short time to take photos, after this, I put on my mask again!”
“So? We are eating right now.”
“I’m healthy, so if you don’t like it, you can just mute or unfollow me, Nin!”
“My life is not yours, it’s up to me!”

Oh my, it’s not the matter...

At a critical time like this, you should hold yourself to share all activities in a state without health protocols!
It’s enough to keep it for personal use because we don’t know that from the photos there may be feelings of our friends who work as health workers who are being hurt. They are struggling, they are tired, they can’t even go home.

Let’s fight together.
Let’s get vaccinated because even those who have been vaccinated can still be attacked by the virus.
Let’s keep the health protocols because even those who have been a Covid-19 survivor can still get reinfection.
We are fighting not only to save ourselves. But for parents, siblings, children, friends, everything.

“Then, what’s the point of a vaccine if you can still be hit by that virus?”
“The vaccine is already running, but, how come more and more people are hit by the virus? Is this a high-end business? Or one of conspiracy to keep the budget going so that all of you can take advantages?”
“I’ve been hit before, at least if I get hit again, I can get stronger because I already have more antibodies!”
“Don’t worry too much, it’s just an ordinary illness like the flu, it’ll get better soon!”

Indeed, it’s extremely difficult to educate Indonesians who are very stubborn, talk without data, are hit by a virus of hatred, and feel that they always correct. Maybe they don’t know what is the meaning of effort and empathy for others. So, it is usual that in many ways we are left behind from other countries, not a matter of intelligence, but a matter of caring and humanity.

Dear my colleagues who are still struggling to recover,
Hopefully, this disease can be an expiation of sins and also a reminder that what is not seen can destroy human life.
Hope you get well soon and get back to your daily activities ❤

For those who are already being Covid-19 survivors,
Don’t feel strong. Even if you are strong, realize that the people around you are not as strong as you.

And for those who are still given healthy blessings to this day,
Hopefully, you will never get tired of being a pandemic hero, by sticking to the health protocols and not doing high-risk things to spread the virus.

Remember a good intention will be recorded as a good deed, so, imagine if it is implemented?
Don’t panic, but keep stay alert.
I can, you can, we can, Indonesia will win!

— — — — — — — — — —

Last but not least,
Thank you so much to all of kind-hearted people who prayed and comfort me during my isolation, who took over my work at the office, and who sent lots of packages of medicine/supplements/food that I might not be able to reply one by one. May Allah be pleased to repay your kindness and sincerity, give healthiness and blesses for your family, InsyaaAllah ❤

— — — — — — — — — — — 
With love,

My saturation ❤

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